Have you ever been asked to play the piano for someone and are completely stumped to think of what even though you've had one at your place? Maybe you just need to start learning it right away! Get enrolled with our Keyboard/Piano lessons and get started with all of our tips, tricks and techniques to make you a better player as you go on with your melodic life learning it. Here is how you'll get started -

First things to know -
  • Introduction to the notes on the piano: This will get you acquainted with all the notes on the piano.
  • Sharps & Flats: After figuring out the white keys, now it's time to learn the black keys.
  • Playing Melodies
  • Incorporating scales and chords: This will show you how to use chords and scales in your actual playing.
  • Playing the Rhythm with your left hand and melodies with your right.
  • Unlocking the ear (Ear Training - For you to start playing by just listening)

And this list goes on as you keep graduating to further levels, so start now to become the musician you've always thought of yourself to be.