Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Our well researched and regularly worked upon lessons will get you on the run. Learning Guitar, practical, theory and playing songs simultaneously will always keep you motivated enough to keep on learning. Our Guitar lessons for beginners cover the fundamentals quickly. We'll teach you the basics to get you up and running and soon you'll be playing your favorite songs in the style of your favorite artists. We have lessons for both beginner and advanced Guitar players.

Our idea is to understand what you want out of these classes, what are your goals and how we can help you meet those goals. These Guitar lessons have been developed after years of training given to my students, I've observed keenly both in my own development and that of my students what works and what doesn't. - Varun Ahuja

We are committed to compassion and to our experience to know how to make you a better musician.

Practice - It is not possible to progress satisfactorily unless one practices most days. For beginning students, 15 minutes per day is sufficient, growing to 30 minutes per day by the end of the first quarter of instruction. More advanced students will want to practice more than 30 minutes per day in order to meet their musical goals.